I Have No Rant to Give

I LOVE to rant. I have rants on everything from organic local produce to (awesome) TV shows. From consumerism to that kid in my 102 class who won’t laugh at my jokes. (Hate that kid.) I can rant on anything and everything.

Except Valentine’s Day.

I have zero problems with St. Valentine’s Day.

It’s the holiday almost everyone has beef with, the most socially accepted holiday to hate, and I have nothing to say.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz doesn't hate Christmas, I don't hate Valentines day. We are alike in so many ways.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz doesn’t hate Christmas; I don’t hate Valentines day. We are alike in so many ways.

It’s not that I am some big- eyed hopeless romantic (I have rants on big- eyed hopeless romantics). I have always been single for Valentine’s Day and wanted/ expected anything more.

Growing up, Valentine’s Day meant my Dad would buy each kid a box or two of those little heart candies and chocolates or flowers for my Mom; it was simple, sweet, and fun. And I always liked the cheesy class valentines with cartoon characters and candies taped to them that were exchanged between my elementary classmates and I. Even in middle school you could send orange sodas to others and I always sent one to each of my close friends.

When I think Valentine’s Day I think sugar, not romance.

…Which is probably why I have no problems with it…

Happy Valentine’s Day, whether you love it, hate it, or are filled with a burning apathy, I hope your day is great!


Again in Serious Consideration of my Womanhood

As the only teenage girl in my family, one would think that I would be the one PMSing and being an emotional saucepan. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up here soon.

My life.

However, for some reason all the men in my family are suffering from fluctuating hormones prior to their menstrual period:

  • My 16 year old brother has been having some fairly funky cravings concerning bacon.
  • My father, normally a fairly easy going guy, has been rather irritable lately, going from calm to ape- crazy in a span of about 58 seconds.
  • My older brother has been very secluded and hasn’t really said much for the last few days (which is very out- of- character for him), even admitting once that he has been feeling irritable as well.

I, on the contrary, have actually been in a pretty mellow mood considering my prolonged cold. I contribute this to my self proclaimed 1 1/2 “X ” chromosomes. Should be an interesting Valentines Day.