Me: I look like I’m knocked up in that picture you posted on Facebook.

My Dad: ¬†Well… do more ab crunches.

This is exactly why I love my family

There’s a lovely painting which my older brother did when he was about 8, we have it framed in our bathroom. After being there for at least 12 years, this morning my younger brother decided to question what it is.

We call it the Tucan Ladybug Flamingo

After staring at it for a bit we called our brother into the bathroom to explain it.

Bro #1: Ah, well you see these *pointing to the orange circles* symbolize hope.

Bro #2 (immediately adopting a snobbish rich accent) Right, right

Bro #1: And the beak represents humanity. And, uh, the eye represents what will happen if I’m not elected President.

Me (same accent): Very black, grim, yes.

Bro #1: And, the blue is for the future…

Bro #2 and Me (a mixture of): Quite right, Of course, Yes, Fascinating.

Bro #1: And the legs, uh….

Me: They’re twisted around: the fall of humanity!

Critical thinking at it’s finest.