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Happy Elfin’ Christmas!

In addition to college and my part- time job at the local cookie store, I held a seasonal position as an elf on the Christmas train for a local scenic railroad.

Prepping some cookies in the back of the store the other day, some little kids dropped by to sing us a Christmas carol; one of which had been a passenger in my car on said train. She recognized me right away saying,

“I remember you!”

“I remember you too! This is my other job, shhh.”

I gave her a wink and the group started an adorable rendition of “Jingle Bells”, with her glancing up at me occasionally.  Afterward the parent with them ordered a few hot chocolates for the group and as I turned around to make them I heard her say to the other kids:

“She’s an elf!” and “No, really!”

It was the highlight of my holiday season.

Post Script: If I had been asked, I had prepared an explanation of why I was at this other job:

I am a spy for Santa, reporting back throughout the year on which children had been naughty or nice (how else do you think he’d know?), and what better place than a cookie store?


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