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Things that are Weird to do Alone- A Guide for the Socially Awkward

***Please Note: by “socially awkward” I am not necessarily referring to  introverts; I myself am just about as extroverted as they come but am cripplingly socially awkward. The following are places I’ve found through my own awkward adventures that you really shouldn’t go (that is, without being in a group of at least two or three).***


Bowling is an aggression relieving fun activity which can seem like a great way to spend a weekend night. But remember, unless you are a professional bowler practicing for a big match, parents at the alley will shoot you suspicious looks and warn their children not to get too close. A lonely bowler is a creepy bowler.

A sit- down restaurant.

While a nearby coffee shop or small cafe is a great place to go solo, a restaurant is not. Nothing screams pity more than sitting at a table with no other person(s) there. This namely happens when I am the first of a larger group to arrive at the restaurant while everyone else is at least 20 minutes behind. Trust me, you do not want to get the pity look from your waitress when you explain that you are waiting on some friends after having sat there, all alone, for 10 minutes.


Unless you’re at the local gym doing laps for exercise, swimming is one of the worst things to do alone. Much like bowling if you’re at a local pool by yourself you set off several warning signs to parents and lifeguards alike who will watch you like a hawk to make sure you’re not going within three feet of a child (which is hard to do in a pool). Also, if you’re going to the local pool to sun bathe and not actually swim, you’re just wasting your money and everyones time.


Please learn from my mistakes and avoid these awkward situations by traveling in groups of two or three.

Any places I missed? Let me know so that I can avoid them as well.


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