Me VS. Procrastination

“I should blog.”

“No, no you just got back from the bank! Which sucked.┬áReward yourself with Netflix.”

“But Mom’s watching Netflix on the Wii and my phone’s dead and I really should…”

“Nah. You can do it later.”

“But I haven’t blogged in a really long time…”


“But I need to-”

“Shhh, relax.”




“Good, now go take a nap or something.”

*defeated* “Okay.”

Me VS. Procrastination


If You Give a Koala Klondike Bar

I co- wrote a book!

Well, sort- of.

Not really.

Depends on what you consider a book...

You can see (and judge) for yourselves:

First half of our tale

Don’t you just love Facebook?

The epic finale!

Now all we need is a publisher. And an illustrator. Any offers?