No words

My family was watching TV this morning when a preview for the Monsters vs. Aliens came on.

My Dad then looked up from what he was doing and (referring to Bob) asked, “Why is there a character that looks like a condom?”

Bob is the blue one down front

I have no words for this. Also, this movie is now ruined for me.


Kids are fun- for short periods of time

This last summer I babysat my Dad’s old high school friend’s two young daughters.

I’m good with kids, only I normally babysit boys. Boys who, when I need a break, I can set  in front of the TV and they’ll play Wii for three hours. Girls don’t work like that. They demand the majority of your attention  and like to talk. A lot.

First girl (about 7): Do you have a boyfriend?

Me (resisting sarcastic remark): No.

Second girl (about 9): Do you want to be alone forever?!?

Me: Wait, what?

Also, are very interested in your personal life.

P.S.- I have also babysat a five- year old who told me, “I’m texting my boyfriend”. On her iPod Touch.

I’m awesome- and forgetful- but namely awesome

I pretty much just spent my entire weekend on a speech meet tickling my teammates  learning the values of public speaking. And playing BS with mini Winnie- the- Pooh playing cards. Mostly the last part.

During the awards ceremony (since it was the last meet of the season) they asked the seniors to line up and say their name, school, and how long they’ve been in Forensics.  They took a picture:

Aside from my awesomely swaying hips, the best part of this picture is everyone else’s faces:

Me: I’m awesome.

Guy next to me: Crap I’m next.

My teammate: Did she not mention what school she’s from?

Girl: I could have sworn she was a freshman….

In my defense I totally thought I mentioned where I was from… Opps.