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I Would en-tittle this “Arguing with Myself” but Jeff Dunham has that Copyrighted

The other day I was lying on my bed and mussing out loud that I didn’t know what to blog about when a small voice in the back of my head started arguing with me. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Ugh,I can’t think of anything to blog about

Voice: You could blog about any of the strange things about yourself.

Me: I don’t have any strange things…

Voice:  You collect spoons.

Me: That’s not that weird, people collect spoons…

Voice: Your Pandora goes from Breaking Benjamin to Legally Blonde the Musical.

Me: I’m a woman of many tastes…

Voice You’re talking to yourself.

Me: ….Touche.

In my own defense, my blog’s slogan is: “My Therapist Says I’m Quirky”, so I feel like I’m entitled to writer’s block once in a while.


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