Don’t you just hate it when you like a cute and fun song and then you’re brother points out to you that it’s about an orgasm? Yeah me too.

And now I’ve ruined this song for you as well…

P.S.- Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile, I’ve been busy with lots of non- funny stuff but I’ll try to post more!


Just a Tip


These were my words after watching Disney’s Pocahontas.

My brother and I had decided to watch Pocahontas 2 the night before (because we’re cool like that and watch movies out of order). This, after many of jokes about historical inaccuracy and racist undertones. resulted a cynicism for the romance between two people with perfect hair.

Look at the animated perfection!

Yes, yes, I realize that she thought John Smith was dead and after some not so catchy songs about  internal struggle she decided to move on but still! She even says “I’ll never leave you” in the first film!

I need a life.

A word of advice: never watch Disney movies out of order. Also, yelling at a television screen doesn’t work.

I Would en-tittle this “Arguing with Myself” but Jeff Dunham has that Copyrighted

The other day I was lying on my bed and mussing out loud that I didn’t know what to blog about when a small voice in the back of my head started arguing with me. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Ugh,I can’t think of anything to blog about

Voice: You could blog about any of the strange things about yourself.

Me: I don’t have any strange things…

Voice:  You collect spoons.

Me: That’s not that weird, people collect spoons…

Voice: Your Pandora goes from Breaking Benjamin to Legally Blonde the Musical.

Me: I’m a woman of many tastes…

Voice You’re talking to yourself.

Me: ….Touche.

In my own defense, my blog’s slogan is: “My Therapist Says I’m Quirky”, so I feel like I’m entitled to writer’s block once in a while.

Again in Serious Consideration of my Womanhood

As the only teenage girl in my family, one would think that I would be the one PMSing and being an emotional saucepan. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up here soon.

My life.

However, for some reason all the men in my family are suffering from fluctuating hormones prior to their menstrual period:

  • My 16 year old brother has been having some fairly funky cravings concerning bacon.
  • My father, normally a fairly easy going guy, has been rather irritable lately, going from calm to ape- crazy in a span of about 58 seconds.
  • My older brother has been very secluded and hasn’t really said much for the last few days (which is very out- of- character for him), even admitting once that he has been feeling irritable as well.

I, on the contrary, have actually been in a pretty mellow mood considering my prolonged cold. I contribute this to my self proclaimed 1 1/2 “X ” chromosomes. Should be an interesting Valentines Day.