Feeling the Love

Today I did a double take walking into the living room. Why?  Because I saw this:


I saw it sitting on the coffee table and thought it was a pregnancy test. Either my parents have no faith in me or my brothers have been keeping something from us…

Am I the only one who sees it?


I feel like a disgrace to my “X” chromosomes-

I’m currently enrolled in Science in Society class, there’s a grand total of six of us and we’re all girls.

Today my professor was lecturing about consumer prices and such when he asked how much we would pay for designer jeans.


Other girls in my class: Yes!

Me: No.


Them: May take some ‘puppy dog eyes’ but yeah

Me: No?


Them: Well yeah but if you get too low it’s not the same quality…

Me: …My max is like $30. I got these for 10 bucks at JCP.

He then asked how much e would pay for milk shakes and I sheepishly admitted that I’d buy one dollar shakes.



I feel like a cheapskate.

Also, I now want cheep milkshakes…